Sanatan Foundation Trust is a non-profit charitable organization based in Ahmedabad, whose focus is the development and empowerment of women and girls in Gujarat.

To protect, Living families living below the poverty line,Helping the widows,Helping the labor force,Give a book to the poor children,Rural area rehabilitation and medical camps,Providing employment,Helping the citizens in natural disasters,To make the youth addicted and to work for women’s protection,Family Assistance from Martyrs Soldier. This is why Sanatan Foundation Trust was born in 2015 : to empower these deprived women.

We help these women break their cycle of poverty and financial dependence on family members, by teaching them valuable practical skills in order for them to earn a living. We educate those who could not go to school because they are born female. We sponsor children from poor families so that they can continue going to school and break the poverty cycle. We provide women counselling and support when they are abused, left alone, blackmailed. Sambhali Trust gives them a voice and a support network to nurture their hopes and ambitions, which allows them the freedom to work towards an individual dream, a priceless gift in their oppressive social and economic situation.

To fulfill our mission, we need your help. Whether you want to volunteer with us, donate, buy our boutique products or help us spread awareness, you can make a difference!

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